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Reputation Management

Online business is no longer the exception, it’s the norm. As more businesses and the clients they serve go online, our Phoenix, Arizona reputation management experts are ready to keep your reputation safe.

Your reputation online is a crucial aspect of your business. You don’t want people who search for your business in Google to see sites like Ripoff Report or photos of you partying. But if they find little relevant info on your business, that’s just as bad. With online reputation management, you can ensure that people find the information you want when they search for your brand.

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Reputation Management Solutions

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Issues that can damage your brand’s reputation

Bad Press

If you’ve been involved with any lawsuits, crimes or controversies, that news may be the first results people see when searching for your business, even if the lawsuits were frivolous and dismissed. It’s unfair to have people judge you based on past mistakes or even circumstances outside of your control, but they will.

Poor Product Reviews

A negative review of your product or service every now and then isn’t going to ruin you. But if an angry customer really wants to do some damage, they can flood review sites and exaggerate their claims.

Content That Presents You in a Bad Light

You obviously want to present a professional image to clients and potential clients. That isn’t easy if there are photos on websites or social networks documenting drunken weekends and wild times in your past.

Lack of Information

Consumers have gotten savvier than ever, and before they part with any of their hard-earned money, they’ll likely want to learn more about where they’re spending it. If they look up your business and don’t find a thing, they could be skeptical and wonder if you’re legitimate. You want background information that makes customers excited about ordering from you.

Irrelevant Information

A brand’s story and message have become important drawing points for consumers, but you can’t present those effectively if there is irrelevant information about your brand online.

It’s a misconception that reputation management is something for brands to get when they need damage control, or that it’s only for covering up skeletons in your closet. Reputation management is about deciding what image you want to present, building it and maintaining it. You’re going to have an online reputation no matter what, and it’s best if you’re in control of it.

How Reputation Management Works

The first part of reputation management is developing a strategy. There is no one-size-fits-all strategy that will work for every business, and instead, each strategy must be tailored to fit the business and its current circumstances, including any issues it may be facing. A comprehensive reputation management strategy could use the following methods:</p> <p>Development of New Sites and Pages – These sites and pages will focus on positive parts of your business or you personally.</p> <p>Targeted Search-Engine Optimization (SEO) – Improve search result rankings for web pages that portray your business the way you want.</p> <p>Content Creation – Provide content and press releases focusing on the positive aspects of your business to sites and news agencies.</p> <p>Social Media Management and Branding – Develop connections with clients, potential clients and other social media users to maintain a positive brand image.